Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Program of resetter the Epson T11

a. Driver Printer Epson Stylus T11 have install beforehand, and ascertain printer have connect to computer
b. Ascertaining You have " Software Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T11
c. Ensuring that damage of printer ask its reset usually lamp at aflame printer squeeze all
Before using Software Resetter Epson Stylus T11, alter setting of is date of Your computer so program of resetter the Epson T11 can walke without there is error
To change it, click Start - Control Panel - Date And Time ( for the model of Classic View). if Your Control Panel of model of Category View, select choose Date, Time, Language And Regional Options, later then select choose Date Time and to change setting of is date of
Setting date of computer to 11 April 2008.

Following is , step by step to do/conduct Waste Ink Counter Pad Epson T11 reset

1.Download Software Resetter Printer Epson Stylus T11
2. Extract of Resetter Epson T11
3. Animating Printer
4. Running file of Adjprog.Exe and click of Accept
5. Select;Choose Particular mode adjustment
6. Continuing by chosening Waste Ink Counter pad and afterwards click O.K.
7. Click Check button, to read Waste Ink Counter Pad, and await process read finish
8. Click of Initialization for the reset of pad counter ink waste to number 0 and click of Finish
9. Turn off printer, await a few moments, later then reanimate printer.
10. Awaiting until printer have processed to calibrate, and printer will be normal return.
11. Continuing with Test of Page Printer.

Download Adjprog.exe

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